Error’d: Ride the URL Line

Michael R. wrote, “So, https://TfL.Gov.UK…does that bus go on the ‘Information Superhighway’?”


“BREAKING NEWS: The LA Times web edition demonstrates their solid understanding of single-column layout,” writes Mitch T.


Michael wrote, “Why buy 5 for £5 if you can have 5 for £6?”


Adam K. writes, “So close! Only 734 petabytes short for copying this file which is already on my laptop disk…”


“Needless to say, I declined to respond…and they’re missing an apostrophe,” wrote Steven.


“I was trying to add German language options to Windows 10, but, apparently, one of my ancestors already did it four hundred years ago,” writes Marcus O.


Infrastructure as Code built from the start with first-class Windows functionality and an intuitive, visual user interface. Download Otter today!

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